The Rubber & Rawhide Railroad

Progress Report for 17th January 2011

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This Page Created on January 17th, 2011
Rails on the West Garage Curve

West Garage Curve Gets Railed

It took a lot of off-camera work to get this far! Although relatively unannounced, the roadbed crew had already adjusted the East corner curve where the Lot Circumnavigation trackage pulls away from the South fence. It didn't take our track crew too long to realign those sections to match the new, Big Boy friendly curvatures. They extended the track out to the relocated Live Oak Junction.

This photo shows the area from the Junction crossing the sidewalk and around to the southwest garage corner.

The Live Oak Junction Switch

This closeup clearly shows the beautiful new dual-radius turnout from SwitchCrafters as the Lot Circumnavigation track pulls away from the Live Oak Junction.

Live Oak Junction Switch Closeup
East and West Garage Curves

West and East Garage Curves

This view from Jupiter's Knoll shows the rail installation on both the West and East Garage curves.

Once Operations accepts the Lot Circumnavigation Route back into service, we'll try to get some action photos.

And our yard safety monitor is very concerned that we develop a grade crossing treatment of those exposed rails pronto!