The Rubber & Rawhide Railroad

Progress Report for 8th January 2011

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This Page Created on January 17th, 2011
Work Site Overview

Live Oak Grove Junction Grades Improved

Embankment and roadbed pavers installed and planting areas get attention, too!

After months of engineering, weeks of preparation and quite a few assorted delays, the second phase of the Rubbber & Rawhide's Big Boy Welcome project is finally approaching completion!

The roadbed has been carefully regraded to provide nearly constant grades throughout most of the area shown in the photograph. While the seven percent grade between the sidewalk and the Cedar Groin Tunnel (not shown) is more than our usual maximum, this section of track will see rather limited use up that grade.

To assure trouble-free operation of the switch, the grade was held constant across all three legs. This did necessitate a moderate three percent upgrade between the Live Oak Junction and Jupiter Return.

West Garage Curve

Here's a panoramic view of the West Garage Curve, ready for tracklaying.

Live Oak Junction and Sidewalk Crossing
West Garage Curve Alternative View

Sidewalk Crossing and West Garage Curves

A slightly different vantage point. Our dwarf azalea has been carefully planted with mulch to follow once tracklaying is complete.

Live Oak Junction viewed from West

This photo gives a better view of the roadbed between the sidewalk and Live Oak Junction. Looking at it our tracklaying crew expressed confidence that the new alignment could be achieved easily.

Live Oak Junction viewed from West