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Progress Report for 16th December 2010

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This Page Created on December 23rd, 2010
Mallet at Water Tank

New Water Tank Installed!

Over a year ago, the Rubber & Rawhide obtained a water tank. It was part of a larger transaction that saw the purchase of our first Mallet (2-8-8-2) locomotive, a substantial increase in our freight rolling stock, and am ample supply of sectional track.

The sectional track finally saw some use when it was employed to upgrade the East Garage yard rail infrastructure. The Mallet has been part of some impressive freight operations in the past.

A second, smoke damaged Mallet (we call it old Smokey) bearing UP markings was recently obtained and is frequently employed as motive power for some of our passenger consists.

This photo affords us an opportunity to point out all three, as the old Smokey heads a passenger run. We caught it paused as if taking on fluid sustenance.

It's a Malletized Day!

We were just speaking of our Santa Fe Mallet, and here it is, as usual at the front of an interesting freight train.

This also gives us a chance to display the finished alignment of the Yard Return and Lot Circumnavigation Main Lines as they near the North end of the yard.

Mallet Watering, Mallet Working!
Paused, parallel Mallets

Paused, parallel Mallets

Finally, it appears that the Passenger Train is ready to take the lead, as the freight patiently waits on the Yard Return track.

Note the tilled soil in the upper left of the photo, behind the vertical bricks border. We understand the the R&R Beautifcation Commission has let a contract for improvements in that area!

Passenger Train moves Out!

When the East Garage Yard was rebuilt, considerable effort was expended in improving the appearance of our yard departure tracks. We understand that the project has been up for some kind of an award. The right of ways have also been dressed with brick borders alongside all grassy areas.

Passenger Train moves Out!
Marshy Path Grade Crossings Improved

Marshy Path Crossings Improved

The restoration of the North Green raised the grade of the surrounding area by about four inches. Needless to say, the roadbed and track also had to be raised. Our track and roadbed crews worked real hard to make the two grade crossings more attractive and more functional.

The two Mallets seem to agree, as they sure look right at home out there.

Two Mallets Closeup

A closeup of the Marshy Path twin crossing. The Santa Fe 1793 heads the freight taking the North Garage Cutoff for destinations southbound. The UP 3672 heads an excursion train bound for the utmost reaches of Beyond the Briars, and beyond.

Two Mallets Closeup
IMG_9712 (150K)

Passengers Waiting?!

That's how it appears, isn't it. We're assured that the excursion train had stopped for some last back yard photo opportunity, and the freight really did have the right of way. Yeah, right!

Move Along, Now!

One last view of the re-sodded North Green, as the Mallet freight finally gets on its way.

Freights Away!