The Rubber & Rawhide Railroad

Progress Report for 14th October 2009

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The 150 degree curve

The 150 Degree Curve Completed!

Even though we can hardly capture the beast photographically, the 150 degree curve, also known as the High Corner Summit Curve, has been completed. Included were all grade adjustments and fastening of the roadbed, even ten feet beyond the summit!

The Surveying hose is still in place, as one can see. But soon, we're told . . . .

Running along the Fenceline

Something like fifty, maybe sixty feet of track have been installed, with only two quite modest curves! One wouldn't have thought that the restricted access to this narrow portal would have allowed such rapid progress. Perhaps there was just not an easy way for our track laying crew to get away?
Running along the Fenceline
Heading back North!

Tracks finally pulling away from the fence!

It appears that our rail crew has caught up with the roadbed folks. There are some minor grade corrections, and the track must still be fastened to the roadbed. One more day of dryer weather and we may have a new section open, you think?

For those familiar with the R&R RR, the nearest track in the background is the Great Green Pittisporem Forest route. The two more distant tracks are those leading into Marcellus Plaza. So near and yet so other line far!