The Rubber & Rawhide Railroad

Progress Report for 12th October 2009

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This Page Created on October 12th, 2009
Railroad High Point Reached!

Phase VI Track Gets Grade Adjustments!

After all the effort wasted in post-operational grade adjustments, Management put their booted feet down this time: "Adjust the grade as you install the track," came the command. The surveying crew stayed on the job as the roadbed folks adjusted supports.

The measurement hose served several functions. Its presence negated the necessity of any roadbed markings, and assured that the same track section was measured as interim grade adjustments were made. It seemed to be a winning combination, as the entire 36 foot run from the South Hercules Return switch to Corner Summit was successfully adjusted in a rare break from our frequent rains!

Reaching the High Corner

Unlike the Serpentine, most of the Phase VI rise to the corner is on more or less straight track. Near the peak, things do get a little curvy, as the surveying team found the best route around a difficult high point. It was all to a good cause, though. Thanks to those two curves, the grade stayed at or below our five percent maximum all the way to the Summit!
High Corner Curve Set in Grade
Track work interrupted by rain!

Track work interrupted by rain!

Our rail crew is finding the High Corner to be a wet problem. They had held off setting more rail until the grade adjustments were completed to the High Corner Summit. Then, just as one rail was coaxed in on this 150 degree curve, the rains came. Again!

Track work to continue from difficult spot

With the roadbed installed some fifty feet ahead of them, the track laying folks have their work cut out for them. Once it dries out some, they hope to get one more rail coaxed into place. The Dual Rail Bender will make short work of their arduous preparations.

Public Relations has been trying to get some feel for when Phase VI will be completed. All anyone will tell them now is, "In Due Course!"

Ready to head East!