The Rubber & Rawhide Railroad

Progress Report for 25th September 2009

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South Hercules Return completed

South Hercules Return completed!

This grainy photo doesn't begin to tell the whole story. Both the rail and roadbed departments are justly proud of their newest project! The grades on both the Hercules Bypass/Lot Circumnavigation route and the Great Green route coming up from the South Hercules Crossing have been dramatically improved.

South Hercules Return from the South

Despite the poor weather the last few weeks, the crews were finally able to complete work through the two Wye switches that now form the South Hercules Return.

Another delay was the extremely short supply of track. As can be seen, no railwork had yet been done South of the last Wye at the time this photo was taken.

South Hercules Half-Crossover from the South!
Phase VI Tracklaying begins in earnest!

Phase VI Tracklaying begins in earnest!

Accounting assures us that more track is on the way!

In the meantime, the rail laying crew scrounged the last two sections of track to begin the newly opened sections of Phase VI, as this section of the Lot Circumnavigation Route has been designated.