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Progress Report for 23rd September 2009

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This Page Created on October 9th, 2009
South Hercules Crossing Work Site

South Hercules Crossing Sees Changes!

Long considered a heartbreak hill by engineers, the South Hercules Crossing is now the site of extended preparations for the newly separated Lot Circumnavigation route. In the background, one can see that the last section of trackage on the old Hercules Bypass has been removed as workers prepare the site for both grade and alignment improvements.

South Hercules Junction Repurposed

While Operations original request was for the South Hercules Junction's Wye switch to be removed, they soon received such an outcry that that plan was abandoned. Instead, the switch was reversed, allowing one last chance for Hercules's visitors to return to the Lot Circumnavigation route.

This photo is made from the vantage point of the South Hercules Crossing. The disassembled roadbed sections show work in progress towards extending the old Hercules Bypass as the new Lot Circumnavigation trackage.

South Hercules Junction Repurposed!
South Hercules Junction Reconfigured

South Hercules Junction Reconfigured

This view from the old Azalea Forest area shows the former South Hercules Junction switch now reconfigured with one of its legs pointing towards the new route.

Some progress has been made, but it appears that the right of way preparation crew still has some work to do!

Lot Circumnavigation heads for the fence!

Ah, now we see why the slowup. Our surveying team is still opening up the route towards the South fence. Our trusty surveying hose has been freshly recalibrated expressly for this purpose.

The Great Green route heads off towards Discobolus Summit in the center of the photo. The new line will more or less "follow the hose"!

Lot Circumnavigation heads for the fence