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Progress Report for 22nd July 2009

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This Page Created on August 20th, 2009
North Jupiter Switch Replaced

Cedar Groin Tunnel Relocated!

This tunnel has a lobby, it seems. As the pittisporem had gradually grown and threatened to hide the Cedar Groin from all but its most devoted fans, a quiet movement began, flooding the Rubber & Rawhide's publicity desk with "where's my tunnel" complaints!

Operations saw this as a perfect opportunity to push one of their prime complaints, the difficulty of accessing the North Jupiter Switch. At first glance, this seemed quite a stretch, until they enlisted the track and roadbed departments. Yes, changing the old "wide radius" switch to a Number Six Wye would realign the through track just about the right distance to place the Cedar Groin almost against the driveway fence corner!

Accounting apparently found the funds to pay for another Wye switch, as seen in this through the shrubbery view.

Tunnel's Eye View

This view through the throat of the Cedar Groin shows the graceful curves separating the Jupiter Loop and the Phase I mainline. The linked photo demonstrates how close the track now runs to the fence corner!

Both photos were made before the track laying crew had finalized the new position of the Phase One/Phase Three switch.

Through the Throat View
Bad Curves Ahead!

Bad Curves Ahead

There was quite a lot of controversy in the alignment of the Phase III split!

It worked out that the Phase I trackage had to follow practically its former alignment, but getting the new track across the sidewalk was another story entirely. As can be seen in this photo, initially, the Driveway folks wouldn't give us any right of way, forcing the strange curves along the edge of the pavement.

The new West Garage Crossing Approaches

A scary curve for engineers and passengers alike was improved, and a sleek, new Number Six turnout separates the Phase III mainline from the East Garage Yard Lead track.

The roadbed folks were pretty tight-lipped about the whole thing, muttering about "highballing fools", but they sure removed a lot of earth in that little corner between garage and sidewalk! The whole thing is "on the level" now, we're assured.

IMG_9106a (77K)
Driveway Sharing Approved!

Driveway Sharing Approved!

An easement was obtained from the Leather Oaks Driveway Commission to facilitate a graceful, operationally safe alignment for the Phase III route.

The New Cedar Groin Portal a big hit!

Despite the slow delivery of the new Phase I/Phase III switch, the Cedar Groin Portal soon reopens to everyone's relief. Here our workhorse freight pulls through, heading for points North.

The linked photo shows the "over the portal" view. The Jupiter Loop is temporarily carrying the Phase I traffic: Jupiter's delighted at all of the extra attention, but we didn't get any photos!

Freight through the Cedar Groin Portal
Freight Highballs through West Garage Curve!

Freight Highballs through West Garage Curve!

Engineer lives to tell about it! Well, they didn't go that fast, but it was uneventfully smooth, we're assured.