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Progress Report for 11th June 2009

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This Page Created on June 24th, 2009
Mainline and Locomotive Return Tracks Merge!

Mainline and Locomotive Return Tracks Merge!

Completing a long overdue upgrade to its East Garage Yard, the Rubber & Rawhide announces the opening of the new Lococmotive return track. Situated at the extreme North end of the East Garage Yard, engineering, Grounds Management and Yard Operations all pulled together to provide this new facility in an environmentally palatable way. Of course, using a Number 6 Wye turnout, it's really hard to not look pretty!

Yard Tracks get Numbers

The East Garage Yard tracks have had numbers assigned almost from the first drawing board design process began. Part of the way through construction of the yard, some enterprising track worker pencilled the numbers on the roadbed. It wasn't until the new Push Button Track Selection facility went into service that the numbers were of much more than academic interest.

The yard master and both passenger and freight operations experienced some embarrassing incidents when track numbers weren't clearly defined. Large metallic number plates were recently obtained, and have been affixed at both North and South ends of each siding. The other yard tracks have not been marked, as we are still awaiting some definitive terminology for defining them.

Number Plates affixed to Yard Sidings
Garage Portal Tracks and North Garage Switch

Garage Portal Sidings Numbered Too

As this photo shows, the two Garage Portal sidings are numbered 6 and 7. The photo also shows most dramatically the smooth convergence of the mainline with the Yard Locomotive track. It might have been there forever, almost!