The Rubber & Rawhide Railroad

Progress Report for 10th June 2009

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This Page Created on June 10th, 2009
The Mainline Smoothed Out

Mainline loses a curve passsing the East Garage Yard

As part of the Rubber & Rawhide's ongoing trackage improvement campaign, the "Wide Radius Switch" at the north end of the East Garage Yard has been removed. That abrupt turn as the Mainline resumed its pre-Yard alignment has been removed. Operations breathed a visible sigh of relief as the Mainline was reopened.

Locomotive Lead Track Under Construction

The back story for Operations heralded Mainline realignment is something dear to our engineers' heart. They will soon be able to change out motive power equipment separately from building the rest of a train's consist. We're not sure why this wasn't considered as the Yard was being constructed. Fortunately, our track laying folks found an easy way to make the change, and got to put our spare Number Six Wye back in service at the same time!

Careful observers of this photo will note that the roadbed does not match the track alignment at the Yard end. Even more careful observers will note that tracklaying was stopped before connecting with the Wye. The roadbed crew has noted their error and promise to correct it early Thursday morning.

Rails and Roadbed Don't Match!