The Rubber & Rawhide Railroad

Progress Report for 15th May 2009

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This Page Created on May 16th, 2009
New Return Loop Roadbed ready

New Return Loop Roadbed in Place

Working closely with the Leather Oaks Lawn crew, the Roadbed team cut the sod exactly along the lines of the new track alignment. The removed sod was immediately bedded down in the old roadbed's position, and heavily watered.

It is just possible to see the old route, now that we've told you, yes?

The track laying crew had moved the carefully saved rail assembly back into the area. The team chief expects that most will be salvable with but minor rebending.

Mourners of such things should also take note that the four foot loop which had for so long been a feature on the porch's West End is now history! The rail laying crew is still trying to figure where to store the two complete circles of LGB's finest "R1" track.

The Porch and French Drain Meet

The photo is a trifle fuzzy, due to the reflections from the sun-soaked garage. But the new French Drain Loop seems ready for track, while the completely refurbished Front Porch Mini-Yard seems unaccustomedly clean.
Porch and French Drain
Passenger Service on the New Porch Loop!

New Porch Loop in Service!

Remember how we left our passenger train, sort of waiting for the track to come back? Well, it's back! !

The French Drain Loop Passes its first test!

We expect our Arborist may hear from Operations about those creeping vines! We know that there needs to be a new storage depot found for scrap roadbed sections, too!
The French Drain Route a mite unkempt?
Grade Crossings Already in Place!

Grade Crossings Already in Place!

We must say that everyone worked together with amazing effiency on this project. Even the Grade Crossings have already been restored, on on custom curved track too! I hear the curvature on this end was held to the usual nine feet, plus, too!

One more time for Julio!

Julio was so taken by "his" new Loop that the Tin Man prevailed on the willing train crew to make another circuit just for him. The switch to the rear of the train marks the junction with the porch trackage.

In order to avoid cutting into the raised bed in front of the French drain, the track curvature is a little tighter than desired, but is still just under eight feet diameter. When asked about this deviation from accepted norms, our roadbed and tracklaying departments were a little sheepish. "Maybe it will work, don't you think?"

One more time for Julio!