The Rubber & Rawhide Railroad

Progress Report for 5th May 2009

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This Page Created on May 5th, 2009
Rubber Room Tracks blocked by Closed Garage Portal

Rubber Room Tracks Layed

With all track work in the East Garage Yard completed, the rail crew was given the unusual pleasure of working in air conditioned comfort. Alas, it didn't take that long. The Bronze and Wood Closure of the Garage Portal is still in place, as track power is only now being arranged.

The East Garage Yard Control Panel

I bet there are a couple fewer scraps of roadbed material, since the Shop fabricated that colorful control box. And, didn't I see that row of pushbutton switches in an old blender somewhere?

Our shop rather huffily replied that they work with what they're given. And they're holding to their promise that the wiring will be completed tomorrow, unless it rains.

East Garage Sidings Control Panel
Control Panel Support and Cables

Control Panel Support and Cables Readied!

It appears that East Garage Switchmen will have a nice shady place to work. The new panel is to located next to the Loquat tree.

Stock Car marooned?

How did our green D&RG Stock Car get there? It was up on the counter a few minutes ago. Perhaps we can get the Portal Closure opened for a moment to retrieve it.
Stock Car Marooned?
Garage Portal Opened to the Yard

Garage Portal Opened to the Yard!

It's going to be very difficult to get dramatic photos, given the close quarters here. Track looks good and smooth. The offsets are made from half pieces of 10-foot diameter sectional track, and give scant but adequate clearance from the cabinet doors. Perhaps three-quarter, even whole sections would be even better?

The Portal Closure is mostly hidden from view by the cabinet doors. It's a sandwich composed of our 5/8" composite board, 4" styrofoam and 1/4" wafer board. We can't tell you where we got the bronze-painted aluminum plate, and you really shouldn't ask!