The Rubber & Rawhide Railroad

Progress Report for 30th April 2009

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This Page Created on April 30th, 2009
Rail Guards in the Railroad Entry

Garage Entry Progress

The next step taken in making the Garage Entry Portal for the Rubber and Rawhide was cutting the roadbed guards. While not as crucial as on the driveway, they also serve the purpose of indexing the exact location of the tracks as they pass through the portal.

The Switched Garage Entry Sketched

The roadbed crew soon had the proposed track arrangement sketched out with some help from spare sectional track. Hey guys, that's our last left hand switch -- be careful!
The Switched Garage Entry Sketched
Garage Entry Roadbed on temporary supports

Garage Entry Roadbed Completed!

Well, that wasn't as bad as we thought. It did use every single 10-32 bolt we had in stock, though, and there's only one or two of our aluminum splice plates remaining, too!

Mainline Tracklaying Completed!

With the roadbed crew taking a well deserved rest, it was time for the track laying team to spring back into action. In a long day of activity, they completed the new mainline as it skirts the East Garage Yard. It appears they even got a good start on the elevated Garage Entry trackage, too!
Mainline and Elevated Trackage
Elevated Trackage to Switch

Elevated Trackage reaches Garage Switch

Well, actually, the track went a little too far. As one can see, the switch doesn't match the roadbed! Sorry guys, looks like two rails need cutting about four inches shorter!

Permanent Supports Obtained and Installed!

Members of our Engineering staff had been observing with some anxiety the nature and placement of the Garage Entry trackage supports. They definitely were more cumbersome and unsightly than practical. New, smaller pavers were obtained, and the ground elevations adjusted to assure a snug installation. The photo taken just after new trackside plantings were completed shows the now ample clearance and cleaner lines of the supports.
Permanent Supports on the Garage Entry Track
Garage Entry Tracks from the North

Garage Entry Tracks Completed!

At least on the outside, the Garage Entry tracks have been completed. Work has begun inside, and while no photos are available, the slight easement curves needed to clear the Garage Cabinets have been installed.

That gaggle of wire visible just past the Garage Entry tracks is a hint that there may be tests of the new East Garage Yard as early as tomorrow! Still to completed is a control panel to enable selective powering of each siding. We expect that the electrician may just wire everything together temporarily!

Those extra pavers have now been removed from the right of way! Some of them found their way into Neptune's Pond: A young turtle appeared to have been trapped by the -- for him -- huge dropoff between the pond rim and the water's surface. The Rubber and Rawhide takes its natural responsibilities seriously!