The Rubber & Rawhide Railroad

Progress Report for 31st March 2009

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This Page Created on April 26th, 2009
Steam-Up Track Installed!

Steam-Up Track Installed!

Remember that old switch to nowhere? It's the one just by the Frozen Frog Falls Bridge. There had been talk some months back of a fence-side track up behind the Japanese Hollies, but we never could get any workmen in there! "Too scratchy," we were told.

No matter! Seems our President figured that would be a neat place to put a siding for his old live-steam Shay. And, to make it even more authentic, how about a siding bumper made from scraps of brass rail? Our track-laying crew must have just too much time on their hands!

Steam-Up Siding Second View

It's probably not a very good idea to include a bend in the track for holding a live steam locomotive whilst it awaits use. But, the roadbed was already constructed!
Steam-Up Siding Second View
Additional Track Layed!

East Garage Yard Progress

We've been going slow in this area awaiting construction of an Railway Entry Portal into the Leather Oaks garage. Finally, a contractor has expressed an interest in the project. With that encouragement, our track laying crew finally completed two more sidings. The roadbed sections for the remaining sidings have already been prepared, and some can be seen in the left foreground.

Some Roadbed Adjustment Needed?

It appears that the South Switches on sidings four through six are a trifle tilted! We were hastily informed that the track is only placed there for storage. Further grading and roadbed levelling will be done once the Railway Entry Portal has been completed.
Some adjustment needed?