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Progress Report for 20th February 2009

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This Page Created on February 20th, 2009
Live Oak Roadbed Completed!

Live Oak Roadbed Relevelling Completed!

It sure makes a difference, even if that difference can't be seen in improved performance yet! The Live Oak Grove Main line has been completely relevelled, and is really looking sharp. Yes, I know there is a little matter of reassembling and installing the track yet to be done.

For a dramatic contrast between the old grade and the new, just look at the Jupiter Loop track in the background. The extreme grade constrasts sharply with the almost level Main Line!

Live Oak Mainline Track Reinstalled.

While time wasn't sufficient for final alignment and fastening of the track to the roadbed, the rail crew was able to reassemble the modified track from the East Garage bypass to the West Marcellus Switch! The photo at right shows the work at that point. The Jupiter Loop track has been loosened but not removed at this point. Again, note that the lower end of the Loop is substantiallly below the new grade of the Mainline!

Live Oak Mainline Track Reinstalled
Jupiter Loop modifications

Jupiter Loop Modifications follow Live Oak Realignment

The Live Oak Main line has never looked so clean! The rail crew employed their freshest standards in reassembling the track, so only a trained eye can locate the rail joiners! Gone are the telltale gaps in cross ties!

Yes, Jupiter did approve removal of his track, especially when it was pointed out that it no longer connected at North Jupiter Switch. The first few sections of roadbed have been reassembled with the aluminum plate splices, and are just laid in place temporarily. Even so, the cleaner appearance is already evident.

Jupiter Loop Roadbed and Track work

Even though the grade and elevation adjustments were never really optimal on Jupiter's Loop, the trackwork was some of the Railroad's best! It was possible to remove almost the entire length in one piece. In the foreground are some of the remaining roadbed sections awaiting reassembly with aluminum plate splices.
Jupiter Loop Roadbed and Track Work