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Progress Report for 6th February 2009

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This Page Created on February 11th, 2009
A cold day for fencing!

New Gate in the North Fence!

As soon as the Frozen Frog Falls Bridge was installed and its Eastern approaches completed, it was evident that a new gate would be required into our North Fence. Even though the area is mostly given over to rather scrubby looking grass and more than a few weeds, our crack grounds crew does visit it on occasion. Just so that they would be able to enjoy those occasions, a new gate was promised. What with shrubbery and Phase III switches and trackage, it seemed there was really only one place the new gate could be accomodated. In this first photo, a warmly attired Harold braves the cold to remove the first two planks of the exiting fence.

New Gate Area Opened.

Skipping quite a few photos that weren't taken, the new gate post has been installed, the stringers bolted into place on the post, and the gate area cut from the fence.

Gate Area Opened
Gate Kit Installation Begun

Gate Kit Installation Begun

On one of our frequent Supply junkets to Lowe's, we had run across a steel-framed gate kit. One of our board members suggested it would save a lot of work when we got around to relocating the gate. In fact, with the kit, it was by far simpler to make a new gate!

In the photo at left, the metal gate frame is installed, and two by four sections bolted in place at top and bottom of the frame. Next step? Install the reclaimed, shortened fencing boards.

Gate Installed, Roadbed Grade Crossing Completed

Wow! That was fast. We were able to get the roadbed crew back on the job, although it did take them several loads of gravel. The result is that all work in this area is complete, with the building and gravelling of this Northern Garden access point.

One thing that really pleased our chief arborist. There had been speculation amounting lmost to resignation that the large azalea near the North Sago Switch would have to be relocated. Due to the construction of the privacy fence, the new gate could not open even ninety degrees. In fact, when fully open, it just brushes against a few of the azalea's branches. The plant was treated to new mulch as a last gesture by the crew. The concrete block marks the maximum opening angle of the gate.

Gate Installed, Roadbed Grade Crossing Completed
Memorial Bell Tower Grade Crossing

Memorial Bell Tower Grade Crossing Completed

While our roadbed crew was in the area, it wasn't too hard to get them to work on the little interchange track between the House Perimeter Route and the Memorial Bell Tower Loop. It was fortunate that this track was installed late in the growing season, as it is a primary pathway for our lawn maintenance equipment. The crew did a neat job of it, and I hear that they also addressed the derailment problem reported at the South Switch of this little track.