The Rubber & Rawhide Railroad

Progress Reports, 6 February 2009 to present

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This Page Updated on May 16th, 2009
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10 May 2009 East Garage Yard Operatonal, Porch Track Changes under way
5 May 2009 Rubber Room tracks layed, Switch Panel Readied for Installation
30 April 2009 Garage Entry Tracks Completed, new Mainline now open
26 April 2009 East Garage Yard Rebuild Progresses, Yard Lead separated from Mainline,
Garage Entrance Framed
13 April 2009 Ditch-digging on the Rubbber & Rawhide -- Remedial Flood Control!
31 March 2009 New Steam-UP siding, Progress on the East Garage Yard
12 March 2009 New Crossing, Switches Multiply Horse's Influence
10 March 2009 Mystery Trackage Appears Near Neptune and Sago Palm
5 March 2009 Memorial Bell Tower Loop Grade Crossings Worked!
27 February 2009 Jupiter's Loop Train Service, Memorial Bell Tower Loop Completed!
26 February 2009 Jupiter's Loop Track Reinstalled, Phase IV-B Roadbed Completed!
22 February 2009 Jupiter's Loop Roadbed Near Completion, Construction Details Given
20 February 2009 Live Oak Grove Frontage Track Reinstalled, Jupiter Loop Roadbed Progress!
17 February 2009 Live Oak Grove Frontage Levelled!
16 February 2009 Phase V-B Completed, Rolling Stock Shelves Finished, Rail Broom Tested.
14 February 2009 Phase V-B reaches Northeast corner, work moved indoors due to rain.
12 February 2009 Phase V-B trackage extended almost halfway to the North Neptune Switch!
10 February 2009 Work begins on new Rolling Stock Storage Facility, Rubber Room becoming a Railroad Depot?
08 February 2009 Deck Steps Landing Reworked at Grade Crossing Level!
06 February 2009 New North Fence Gate Installed, two more Grade Crossings Completed
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