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Progress Report for 2nd December 2008

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This Page Created on December 2nd, 2008
 North Garage Cutoff Completed!

North Garage Cutoff Completed!

In a surprise burst of activity just hours before cessation of operations, the trackage for the new North Garage Cutoff was completed. While the last section was not installed until Saturday morning, most of the work was finished the preceding afternoon. Photo 8210 shows the completed interconnection adjacent to the Magic Portal.

Northbound Lot Perimeter Route Buildout Details Revealed

The new North Garage Cutoff notwithstanding, the Northeast area near the Bronze Trio is an unexpected complex of turnouts and crossings! While the mainline will run from South to North in front of the Bronze Trio, the Behind the Briars Route has been extended by its interconnection with the Sago Falls Route. This change called for two pair of switches where one was originally envisioned! The photo at right details the roadbed required to support these changes.

Northbound Lot Perimeter Route Buildout Details Revealed
Mike frees one tunnel, Wolf carves another!

Major Porch Changes.

That Bronze nomad Horse has lost his lease! His eventual location has not yet been set, but folks expect he's searching for somewhere shadier. On the opposite end of the porch, the change was even more dramatic, as a certain large cedar log found its future as two new tunnels. In the photo at left, Mike prepares to "free" Cedar Lupus from its trunk heritage. It is linked to a second photo that shows Wolf opening the portal of his namesake tunnel.

Cedar Lupus Tunnel Tested!

Despite the Operations Division being largely shut down over the Holidays, arrangements were made to bring a couple of cars through the tunnel as its location was being set. Photo 8231 shows the tunnel in the late evening as one of our Denver and Rio Grande cars rests inside.

Cedar Lupus Tunnel  Tested!
Cedar Lupus Tunnel Set!

Cedar Lupus Tunnel Set on Permanent Foundation

The photo at left was made soon after the new tunnel was set on its foundation. In the left background is the larger companion tunnel (as yet unnamed) which will be set at the Jupiter Loop line's exit from the Live Oak Grove.

Reversing Loop Decommissioned!

Reversing Loop Decommissioned!

In a move that wasn't too big a surprise, the roadbed and track crews worked together to remove the return line between South Diver's Loop Switch and West Porch Switch, essentially ending the disused reversing loop. It was the intention of the track crew to immediately swap out the two Wye switches, eliminating the reported problems with certain locomotives traversing the South Diver's Loop switch. Further investigation revealed that a good part of the problem was in the roadbed itself, its uncertain grade having put the associated switch in a permanent bow. The photo shows the work area as time was called for the roadbed and track folks to find a workable solution.