The Rubber & Rawhide Railroad

Progress Report for 21 November 2008

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Two Turnouts to Phase IV and Phase V destinations.

Phase III Roadbed Completed!

In a few short hours, a months long process has been completed. The last sections of roadbed have been cut and fitted into place, completing the working surface for an 800-foot (over four scale miles) mainline on the Rubber and Rawhide Railroad.

Two Turnouts to Phase IV and Phase V destinations

The photo at left recaps the progress reported yesterday. The stub nearest the viewer will connect to the Sago to Bronze Trio loop, with continuing service along the Westbound mainline, or via the Beyond the Briars route connecting back to the mainline just North of Neptune's Knoll. The turnout stub nearest to the Planter Frog will connect to the Memorial Bell Tower Loop.

Lot Perimeter route along North Fenceline

The photo at right follows the Lot Perimeter route as it parallels the Rubber Creek. Yes it does really cut through the midst of a huge stand of parasol plants, but they're flexible besides being fast growing. Our arborist believes that a simple screen along with substantial root removal may be the best approach to keeping the mainline open!

Lot Perimeter route along North Fenceline
Roadbed Circle Closed!

Roadbed Circle Closed!

The photo at left, taken from adjacent to our Bronze man with shell, Adrian, depicts the mainline at the West MBT switch. While there wasn't a formal golden spike ceremony, it was truly a time for rejoicing.

Looking ahead . . . .

All operations and construction work on the R&R RR will be suspended for several days as Harold takes a well-deserved break. Just listing the things still needed to do is daunting enough. Around 180 feet of roadbed awaits track. Some 260 feet or more, including the much dreaded Beyond the Briars route, still requires right of way clearing and roadbed installation before it too can become "tracked" and operational!

Post-vacation plans call for a hoped completion and opening of the Lot Perimeter Route and the North Garage Cutoff before Christmas. Sufficient rail, crossings and switches are on hand to enable this work. The remaining Phases should be funded in January with work depending on both supplies availability and climatic considerations