The Rubber & Rawhide Railroad

Progress Reports, 20 November 2008 through 2 February 2009

Rubber & Rawhide Loo
This Page Updated on February 10th, 2009
Report Date
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Topics Covered
02 February 2009 Grade Crossings Completed, Jupiter Area Elevations Checked
30 January 2009 More Garden and Marshy Path Grade Crossings work, Bronze Trio Junction Completed
29 January 2009 Phase V-A Connected to Phase II, Garden and Marshy Path Grade Crossings Improved
26 January 2009 Phase V-A (Sago and Horse Route) Tracklaying reaches the Steel Cantilever Bridge!
23 January 2009 Phases Explained and Corrected AGAIN!, the real Phase V-A (not Phase IV-B) Roadbed Completed!
20 January 2009 Phase IV-A Roadbed Completed, Phase IV-B Eyed Suspiciously
19 January 2009 Concrete Grade Crossings Completed, Behind the Briars Roadbed awaits Installation!
13 January 2009 Rustic Bridge Relocated, Three More Roadbed Grade Crossings Completed !
8 January 2009 Porch Switches Wired, Beyond the Briars Route Roadbed Progress Reported!
6 January 2009 House Perimeter Cutoff complete, Grade Crossings Installed!
5 January 2009 House Perimeter soon gets a new life!
2 January 2009 Eastbound Porch connection Completion spawns major West End Rebuild!
1 January 2009 East Garage Yard Progress, and Porch to Diver's Wye Roadbed Installed!
16 December 2008 Rubber and Rawhide Mainline Complete! - - - Iron Bridge in Place!
15 December 2008 Track Progress on Perimeter Route, Sago Loop Track, New Bridge and Switches
12 December 2008 Horse's Relocation, Track Progress on Perimeter Route, New Grade Crossing Techniques
5 December 2008 Tunnel Tussels, Mainline Operations and Roadbed Rebuilds
2 December 2008 North Garage Loop and Lot Perimeter Progress, Major Porch Evictions, Tunnels and Unloops
21 November 2008 Phase III Roadbed Completed!
20 November 2008 Roadbed Reaches Sago Palm Cutoff
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