The Rubber & Rawhide Railroad

Progress Report for 18th November 2008

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This Page Updated on February 1st, 2009
Phase V Roadbed Completion

Phase V Roadbed Work Completed !

The new cutoff connecting the Lot Circumnavigation Route with the House Perimeter Route grows nearer to operational status! The photo at left shows the new roadbed at its junction with the House Perimeter, near the Magic Portal. The other turnout in the photo will eventually provide interchange with the Sago Palm Route (Phase IV).

Bronze Trio Rail Complex Roadbed Revealed!

The very busy Rubber & Rawhide Railroad Roadbed crew marked another milestone with the completion of one of their more complex interchanges. The Bronze Trio Crossing not only provides for one-track connection of the Sago Palm Route with the controversial Behind the Briars Route, but also allows access to and from the main Lot Circumnavigation Route! The BtB Route, formerly and more formally called the Backwoods Corner Route, traverses some of the scratchier areas of Leather Oaks, the Rural Location. While the Roadbed crew is supposed to be concentrating on finishing the Phase III Lot Circumnavigation Route, economic considerations call for building up the immediate vicinity of each interchange as it is reached. This will it is thought prevent costly and tedious rework in the long run.

Other details to be noted in the Bronze Trio Crossing: The track to the right marks the beginning of the BtB Route: The first part of the route is actually some of the more easily constructed areas. The roadbed continuing down the middle of the photo, passing just to the left of the Bronze Trio, is the Lot Circumnavigation Main. Perhaps the most interesting feature of the Bronze Trio Crossing is that it marks the only instance of parallel tracking on the Rubber and Rawhide: The roadbed heading Westward from the crossing is the Sago Palm Route. The roadbed closer to the viewer is the new Circumnavigation to Perimeter route. Since these two tracks will be carrying trains heading in opposite directions, it may make for interesting operating conditions.

Bronze Trio Rail Complex Roadbed Revealed!
Roadbed Preliminaries extended to Neptune!

Roadbed Preliminaries extended to Neptune!

Neptune has long been Harold's favorite, and that Oceanic Gentleman's exclusion from railroad activities to date has been a source of some concern. Today, the roadbed crew prepared the provisional surface just making the corner to the NorthWest of Neptune's Knoll!

Quality Time.

Harold and Neptune share a moment of rest, as another day of work on the Rubber and Rawhide comes to a close.

Quality Time with Neptune.