The Rubber & Rawhide Railroad

Progress Report for 16th November 2008

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Phase III-B  Roadbed Work Continues!

Phase III-B Roadbed Work Continues!

In a remarkable Sunday burst of activity, the roadbed crew worked their way Northward towards the Bronze Trio. But they didn't get there. Got waylaid in fact "cuttin' bed" for the new North North Lawn shortcut, the suddenly planned connection between the Lot Circumnavigation Route and the House Perimeter Route. The photo at left tells most. That spur just in front of the Bronze Trio is actually all that exists of the Phase III-B extending Northward! The crew put first priority on the new loop! We think it might be about the forest of ferns they face as they work on that mainline. Or it might be that they were forewarned of the big interchange they'll soon have to build. Rumor has it that the area just this side of the Bronze Trio will soon be as busy as the trackage between West Porch and Diver's Loop!

First Siding Completed!

It required every last prepared section of American-spacing cross-tied track, but there now is one siding in the East Garage Yard! The photo at right views the siding from the North facing South. The roadbed coming straight towards the camera at the left of the photo will eventually lead into the Garage Rubber Room, to provide secure storage for locomotives and other high value rolling stock.

Considerable progress was made today, but alas no photographs were available. We will provide details later as our cameraman catches up with the roadbed and rail crews!

First Siding Completed!