The Rubber & Rawhide Railroad

Progress Report for 13th November 2008

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East Garage Yard Design Set

East Garage Rail Yard Design set! !

The roadbed design crew worked closely with the track and switch department to assure that the new rail yard could be built modularly. Photo 8165 shows the roadbed laid out in the driveway, but set up as it will be along the Southeast end of the yard. The short track at far right is actually the mainline. Three sidings are planned as shown in the initial buildup phase. The wide gap between switch roadbed segments indicates an operator standing/working area, and also allows clearance with existing shrubbery. The diagonal track will become parallel to the switch tracks about 18 inches away from the garage wall, allowing a walk through path for operators and guests.

Four Barrel Bridge installed.

Some folks call them culverts, but we think the effect is of four barrels with their ends removed, lashed together to serve as a bridge. Photo 8166 shows the site just after installation was completed. A paver will probably be set in place at the edge of the driveway. A decision will be made soon about application of Railroad Standard colors.

Track Installation Update.

Late this afternoon, we received word that our rail joiners have arrived. We expect to pick them up early next week, and may be able to continue work on Phase III-B, at least through the East Garage yard, quite soon!
Four-Barrel Bridge