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Progress Report for 3rd November 2008

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Passenger Traffic on Frozen Frog Falls Bridge!

Serpentine Passenger Service Begins !

Early this morning, the Rubber and Rawhide passenger consist was coupled onto our two S-4 diesels, and without a whole lot of fanfare, the first full-route service began using the Memorial Bell Tower cutoff and the new Frozen Frog Falls bridge! Our photographers were hurried to the area, and caught the second such pass at about 10:00 this morning.

Diesel/Steam Furor

We knew this would happen. Operations was more than a little upset at losing their two workhorse diesels for one measly passenger train! The engine department did some quick checking and figured that maybe our 38-ton Shay could pull the consist, if those bad bearings on the Observation Car were treated. Our car shop quickly determined that the problem really was with the electrical contacts and lubricated the wheel flanges. While the schedule times did have to be modified, it seems the Shay is fully capable to the task. The photo at right shows the midday local sedately climbing the Serpentine.

Shay Serpentine Service
Roadbed and Crossing Concerns

Roadbed Concerns

Grade crossing details continue to be worked as the focus of future track laying moves Eastward. The photo at left shows the clearance problems with the Alco S-4. The Shay is even worse. Engineering determined that an additional 3/4 inch of clearance on each side of the rails must be maintained down to the height of the rails. A suitable routing bit has been obtained: The grade crossings at the garage doors will be the first beneficiaries of this modification.

Grade Crossing Reality Check

Future Works. The road crew has been hard at work today clearing briars and saplings from the Eastern side of the Leather Oaks garage. In addition to providing right of way for the continuing Leather Oaks Circumnavigation route, plans are being made for an extensive rail yard. Initial ideas call for three long sidings, perhaps of the order of 18 to 24 feet, although there is space for perhaps twice that many tracks! Early site design is being developed as the land is cleared. (Several bales of bound briars were removed.) In response to several requests, surveying is being directed to locate an alignment which would allow a track to land inside the Rubber Room of the Leather Oaks garage. Our financial department is not ecstatic about this development, as the unfunded plans could easily add over $1,000 to future building costs!

Finally, our publicity department offers this extra photo of Shay-powered passenger service. Yes, our passengers do enjoy lighted cars!

Lighted Passenger Car Service!