The Rubber & Rawhide Railroad

Progress Report for 2nd November 2008

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This Page Created on December 29th, 2008
Phase III-A to IV-A connection completed

Phase IIIA & IVA Connection Completed !

While finished too late for operational tests, the last 256 scale feet of track was laid this afternoon. The photo at left shows Harold making final adjustments to the trackage, while the linked image depicts the completed segment.

Large Freight Consist Tests R&R RR trackage!

A visiting Boston and Maine EMD unit provided motive power for the longest train yet run on the Rubber and Rawhide. The photo shows the train overwhelming the Marcellus Station facilities. The capacious station track at Discobolos was equal to the task, though.

Marcellus Station not a good freight destination?
Steak and Beer at Discobolos?

Steak and Beer at Discobolos?

We liked this close-up of a couple of the cars. Looks like there'll be Steak and Beer served tonight!

Another Freight Train Run By

Actually, it was a back in, but a great vantage point for future passenger service, this location along the middle of the Memorial Bell Tower Loop. Will the full loop be completed this Year? Time alone will tell!

Another Freight Train Run By