The Rubber & Rawhide Railroad

Progress Report for 31st October 2008

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This Page Created on December 29th, 2008
Roadbed Grade Adjustments

Phase IIIA & IVA Roadbed Completed !

Things have been moving so fast, our newsletters are struggling to keep apace. The photo at left shows the downgrade from the Memorial Bell Tower towards the Rubber Creek as grade adjustments are near completion. After a hurried discussion with Pedestrian Rights of Way, it was reluctantly decided that the crossing of the important Leather Oaks Pond footpath cannot be at grade without significant operational problems.

More Roadbed gets Trestle Treatment!

This brought up some strength and rigidity concerns which prompted our roadbed folks to trestle-ize three more sections of roadbed. They are shown awaiting installation in the photo below, while the linked photo reveals the height of the roadbed as it crosses the footpath. The Railway's Pedestrian ROW Department is taking suggestions and bids for a workable solution to this impediment to free foot traffic!

Trestle-ized roadbed sections
Panoramic Trestle to Bridge View

Continued progress on Rail Laying.

By yesterday evening, track had been completed to the West Bank of the Frozen Frog Falls Bridge. The photo presents a panoramic view of the line between the Cane Break Diversionary Canal Trestle and the FFF Bridge.

First test runs on the Serpentine!

You had to be fast to catch a glimpse, but Thursday also marked the first run along the Serpentine and the approaches to the FFF Bridge by any motive power. We think that's a D&RGW Doodlebug, down near the Cane Break Bridge. The light was rather poor, since Mike had joined the track laying crew as they completed their work session for the day. In the linked photo, the Doodlebug had crept closer. Running it through the Serpentine was a good check of the viability of the concept: A couple of problems were found, and noted for correction before paying traffic is allowed on the route!

 First test runs on the Serpentine!