The Rubber & Rawhide Railroad

Progress Report for 25th October 2008

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Eastern Leather Oaks Pond

Eastern Leather Oaks Pond!

Eastern Leather Oaks Pond elevated approaches have been installed! The surveying crew was on hand, and reports that the whole installation is practically level.

Western Memorial Bell Tower Wye!

The Western Memorial Bell Tower Wye turnout roadbed has been completed. It appears that this section too is mostly level, although there will be something of a upgrade as the line extends to the South and interchange with the House Perimeter route. Engineering has considered this insignificant, as conventional operation will always see trains moving from South to North along that portion of the route.

West MBT Wye Roadbed
Seven Shining Switchbacks!

The Seven Shining Switchbacks of the Serpentine!

Our photographer caught this moment yesterday afternoon, as the sun setting sun gilded the rails. Hope you all enjoy!

The Road crew hopes for a couple of productive hours after Church tomorrow. There are but 16 to 18 feet of roadbed remaining to connect with already prepared sections near the Memorial Bell Tower and the House Perimeter route: A certain degree of closure would be felt by all with that work done.