The Rubber & Rawhide Railroad

Progress Report for 21st October 2008

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This Page Created on December 31st, 2008
Seven Switchbacks Upgrade View

Serpentine's Seven Switchbacks rail work complete !

In a burst of activity spanning three days, the Rubber and Rawhide Railroad's track crew has laid a whole case of track -- and more! The work stopped this afternoon with the Southern approaches of the Cane Break Diversionary Canal trestle almost underfoot. The attached photos show views of the Serpentine taken from near the Northwest corner of Leather Oaks, the Residence, both to the South (upgrade) and North (downgrade).

The Rail department is facing a shortage of rail joiner plates, but intends to pursue further work along Phase III-A, at least to the Wye Junction with the Phase IV Memorial Bell Tower Loop. They've been rewarded with several days off, as the roadbed building crew swings back into service. Fresh from the successes with the Frozen Frog Falls crossing and the Cane Brake trestle, we can hardly wait to see what new marvels the road crew springs upon a mostly unsuspecting Leather Oaks world.

Management Thank You!

The Leather Oaks management would like to join with shareholders of the Rubber and Rawhide in thanking two of our most faithful contributors. Mike donated a precious cache of used bricks for reconstitution as roadbed supports along the elevated sections of the R&R RR. Major Mack offered invaluable service not only in providing transportation of the bricks (many of which can be seen placed strategically in the two photos) but in the reinstallation of the now very non-swayback Frozen Frog Falls bridge.

Northern (Downgrade) Serpentine View