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Progress Report for 164th October 2008

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The Swayback Bridge from Hal's viewpoint

Leather Oaks Bridge Photos offered!

Even before the the track crew arrives, the Frozen Frog Falls bridge seems a natural part of its setting. The two photos present arresting views of the bridge from the viewpoint of the Leather Oaks Pond most notable personalities. Hal (now known as Adrian -- Ed.) may be the new guy on the waterfront, but he appears unphased by the new bridge at his right hand.

The Swayback Bridge?!

Has Pipe's aquatic melody taken on a new tone in anticipation of the song of the rails soon to be added to frog calls?

Careful observers may note a slight sag in the otherwise attractive bridge. The Bridge construction crew also noted that sag, and returned the bridge to the twin porch chairs construction area. A new, full-length spine was added to the bridge, making certain that there would be no external change in the visual characteristics. Reinstallation of the now substantially heavier bridge awaits a scheduled weekend work session.

Roadbed work continued until almost dark on the West side portion of Phase III, extending from the Serpentine nearly to the Cane Brake Diversionary Canal. The viaduct spanning that area has been completed, and will probably be installed sometime early tomorrow.

Pipe Plays as Bridge Sways?