The Rubber & Rawhide Railroad

Progress Report for 9th October 2008

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This Page Created on December 31st, 2008

Five Percent Serpentine Solution Set!

All sixty feet of the Serpentine have been completed! This area of perhaps the greatest grade on the Rubber and Rawhide has been a topic of considerable concern at R&R board meetings. As reported earlier, the Track laying crew was confident they could create a workable section if the Engineering department would provide a viable design. Working closely with the Chief Arborist and representatives from the Cuddly Amphibian Lovers, the design had been approved some time ago. Surveying had indicated that due to the rapid descent of the grade along the route, the entire Serpentine would have to stay above grade, in some cases by scores of scale feet. Supports were obtained from one of our board members, and grade adjustment work began earlier this week. The photo below shows the Serpentine as viewed from adjacent to the Diver's Statue.
Five Percent Serpentine Solution Set!

Thanks to the careful adjustments of the roadbed installation crew, an almost constant five percent upgrade is followed for the entire 60 feet (over a third of a scale mile) distance. This allows the route to gain 36 inches of elevation in barely a quarter scale mile! The photo at right will give viewers a better appreciation of the project. When viewed in line with the roadbed, the accuracy of the grade adjustments are even more impressive.

Upgrade View of Serpentine
Grade Crossing View

Perimeter Route Progress and other News.

In other news, substantial progress has been made in pushing the Perimeter route towards Frozen Frog Falls, the big cascades leading into Leather Oaks Pond. Engineering is near finalization of plans for two viaducts. One will allow the line to cross the Cane Brake Diversionary Canal, while the second, bigger unit will bridge the Leather Oaks Pond near the FFF! A mere 42 feet of roadbed awaits construction between the end of the Serpentine and the curved lead into the Leather Oaks Pond bridge.

The biggest public relations news though is the virtual completion of grade crossing protection of all trackage in the Porch Division. Since final installation is still pending, we have no formal photographs, but the photo at left shows a portion of the work at the East (Cedar Log) end of the porch.

Operations Report.

Alas, due to personnel shortages, there have been no trains run in almost a week! We expect that the roadbed crew will take a well-deserved break over the weekend. Perhaps some passenger service will yet be commenced over the now 540-foot plus mainline! Yes, we're over three scale miles, now, and there's lots more to come.