The Rubber & Rawhide Railroad

Progress Report for 3rd October 2008

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Columbus Discovers Phase II

House Perimeter Route gets first Test Run!

Early morning saw the first trains on the new House Perimeter route and it was a dramatic event in ways not really intended. Our little LGB engine and tender were chuffing along pretty well on the down grade portion and really looked fine passing around the North end of the Endless Pool (Photo at left).

Coca-Cola Caboose Calamity

But that's about as good as it got. Seems our chief arborist had been a mite too conservative in Giant Mondo Grass removal, and while the locomotive, tender and box car made it fine, our caboose took a gainer: Poor Coca-Colas, they were really fizzed!

The remaining consist of the train just barely made it through the Magic Portal, up the not great grade and even that with some manual assistance. Our track layers had tried a new labor-saving spray to loosen the cross tie sections during installation. Yes, it did say wax on the label!

Test Train Uncaboosed!
Porch Division Rebuild

Porch Division Rebuild

The remainder of the work day was spent in rebuilding the Porch Division, including the new Track Number Three which will be providing service to Julio, our rustily interesting tin man. The photo at left shows early activity as the wide radius trailing switch was hoisted into position. No final photos are available, as the Leather Oaks Beautification Authority has not approved the project yet, and there remain both porch cleaning and furniture relocation activities to complete.

The last activity of the work day was to clean all of the wax-coated track with lacquer thinner. After dark, several runs of the LGB test train were made through the new Division. Except for transient problems occasioned by sticks and twigs, the route is apparently functional!

Other commitments of the management have caused Operations to delay their overly optimistic plans for first passenger service. This may be possible by Sunday evening.