The Rubber & Rawhide Railroad

Progress Reports, 28 November through 18 November 2008

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Report Date
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Topics Covered
18 November 2008 Bronze Trio Interchange Details Fleshed Out!
16 November 2008 First East Garage Siding as Phase IIIB Continues!
14 November 2008 Mainline makes the East Yard while the Wetlands Beckons
13 November 2008 Grade Crossing and Phase III-B Trackage Begins
8 November 2008 East Garage Yard Design Set and Four Barrel Bridge installed.
5 November 2008 East Garage Site Clearing, Yard Design and Phase III-B Interchange
3 November 2008 Passenger Traffic on Frozen Frog Falls Bridge
2 November 2008 Phase IIIA & IVA Connection Completed while Large Freight Consist Tests trackage!
31 October 2008 More Roadbed gets Trestle Treatment and First test runs on the Serpentine!
25 October 2008 Eastern Leather Oaks Pond Approaches, Shining Sun on the Serpentine
24 October 2008 Roadbed progress, and Porch Patron's Concerns Addressed
23 October 2008 Frozen Frog Falls Bridge approaches worked, Eastern Shore Design Changes Introduced
21 October 2008 Serpentine's Seven Switchbacks rail work complete !
16 October 2008 Leather Oaks Bridge Photos offered!, but is it Swaybacked?
13 October 2008 Frozen Frog Falls bridge nears completion, but do sags remain?
9 October 2008 Five Percent Serpentine Solution Set and Grade Crossing design revealed
3 October 2008 First Test Train on Phase II trackage!
2 October 2008 Phase II Track Laying Continues, Grade Crossing Solution Revealed
29 September 2008 Serpentine Sentinel and House Perimeter Tracklaying
28 September 2008 Roadbed Progress on the Serpentine
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