The Rubber & Rawhide Railroad

Progress Report for 23rd September 2008

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Grade Crossing Prototype

Phase III Progress Noted.

Two discrete areas of activity were noted in the follow-on programs of the Rubber and Rawhide Railroad. Of most immediate impact, a prototype for a driveway crossing arrangement was completed! Our stock composition roadbed was beveled and dadoed to hold a standard section of track in place without modification (See photo at right). While the prototype was sized to fit the motorcycle side of the Leather Oaks Garage, material is already set aside to treat the four-wheel vehicle side of the garage in a similar manner. Local assistance is being requested in making these cuts on eight foot timbers!

Memorial Bell Tower Loop interchange developed.

As both track work and the higher priority Phase III Serpentine are held in abeyance for materials or tools delivery, other projects are being worked on out of sequence to keep our crews fully utilized! As will be evident once a full track plan is published, there are two important loops planned in the Leather Oaks Water Garden. It was intended that these would not be commenced until both Phases Two (the House Circumnavigation) and Three (the Lot Perimeter) were completed. Careful readers of these PRs will have noted mention of two switches built into the Phase II track roadbed. The first of these will allow an easy connection between the Phase II Northbound run and the Phase III Southbound Serpentine. The management feels that many harried passengers will elect this route as an expeditious way to check up on the Leather Oaks pond without all the Rubber Creek and Greek Heroes distractions. The photo at right shows both interchange switches temporarily placed on the freshly cut roadbed.

MBT to House Perimeter Roadbed
House Perimeter to MBT Loop

MBT Route Options Discussed.

The next photo's different vantage places the interchange in relation to the Memorial Bell Tower with the Pond's bank just visible at top left. The chief arborist notes with some satisfaction that the MBT route will use the left edge of the existing pedestrian bridge as it inconspicuously crosses Rubber Creek, probably rejoining the Lot Perimeter route just Northwest of the Minor Sago Palm. Right of way for the Pond-side portion of the MBT route has not been determined with any degree of precision. Engineering has noted that both a water crossing (of the Rubber Creek, downstream from the old Diver's Deep) and perhaps an elevated transition to the Lot Perimeter route will be required.

Phase III Serpentine progress.

Twenty sections of standard curvature roadbed have been pre-cut and readied for use: This would fully populate one and a third circles. Taken with transition pieces to be fabricated ad hoc, they will probably reach from the Diver's Loop almost to the Skeletal Lagoon! Aluminum plates will be drilled to a standard pattern in the next day. Fasteners are not due to be delivered until late Thursday, so this may be as far as the project can proceed for now.