The Rubber & Rawhide Railroad

Progress Report for 30th January 2009

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This Page Created on January 30th, 2009
The Fully-Gravelled Garden Path

Garden Path Grade Crossing Gravelled!

The widened and improved Garden Path Crossing of the North Garage Loop and the Phase V-A connector has received its full complement of gravel. It appears that a few clumps of relocated monkey grass also landed in the middle of the raised and gravelled path! We'll have to see how that plays with the lawn maintenance folks.

Panoramic View of inter-path section of V-A

We were glad to see the end of the gravelling for now, as it does allow the track laying crew to get back on the job unmolested by rumbling rocks! Below is a panoramic view of the track as they laid it through the small wood separating the main Garden Path from the Marshy Path. The line in the foreground is the North Garage Loop.

Panoramic View of inter-path section of V-A
View through the Small Woods

View through the Small Woods

Let's walk the track towards the Marshy Path. With the trees and shrubs so close to the line, it appears at first glance that no train could ever clear all of the obstructions. Our right of way folks assure us that everything will be fine, but they always say that!

View back to the West

Well, the Marshy Path grade crossing sure looks different with both tracks in place, doesn't it? You know, even from this side it appears that some of our big units will never clear those trunks. Sure seemed to be plenty of space as we walked through, though!
Marshy Path Crossing Viewed from the East
Marshy Path Crossing viewed from the West

Marshy Path Grade Crossings and Beyond!

Oh Wow! It appears that the track layers did make it to the Bronze Trio Junction! There's so much glare here, can you see if they got started on Phase V-B yet? All those briar lovers are so eager for their line to open.

Bronze Trio Junction Completed!

This closeup view of Bronze Trio Junction allows us to explain what will and will not be possible. As the Phase III Mainline runs South to North through here, and both sections of Phase V run West to East (in this area), then that really controls what connections are practical. From Phase V-A, trains can travel directly onto Phase V-B, or turn onto the Mainline, in both cases heading mostly North. From the Mainline approaching from the South, the two obvious choices are to stay on the main, or head further East onto the Phase V-B Beyond the Briars Route. The Mainline trains earlier had an option for a turn to the West onto the North Garage Loop (track in foreground) which provided a short cut, via the House Perimeter Route, to the Front Porch Division.
Bronze Trio Junction Closeup