The Rubber & Rawhide Railroad

Progress Report for 26th January 2009

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Horse Leads the Way!

Phase V-A Raillaying begins!

And of course, it began on the Sago Palm end, picking up from the tail of track left there for the purpose as Phase III-B was winding towards completion. We will say that Horse was quietly smug about the whole thing, even when Rail-layer Harold creased his forehead on Horse's bronze scarf! Detailed photos follow for this most interesting section of trackwork, but the photo at left shows almost the whole story in itself.

Sago Route's Southward Trackage.

The track alignment from the Secondary Sago Palm, by the Arab on Horseback Plaza and towards the Rubber Creek is some of our most photogenic. Horse does really seem to belong there. The roadbed crew did a great job of matching the railway grade to the natural ground contours, and showed a remarkable degree of restraint in beating back the verdant ground covers!

Sago Route Southward
Northern Steel Bridge Approaches

Northern Steel Bridge Approaches

Perhaps the prickliest tracklaying yet, with dwarf azaleas and Japanese Hollies both contending for surprise attention. Yes, we will most likely relocate the Hose Hotel, or at least change its plumbing arrangements before train operations open on this line.

Track Across the Cantilever Bridge

Looking North from the House Return Switch, here placed approximately. (Some would say it was the deciding point for Horse's relocation, as it will make visits to his old buddies Atlas and Julio more convenient.) Tracklaying stopped scant inches from this important junction. Our track crew has already located less-than-section length rails, and has them ready for preparation tomorrow!
Track Across the Cantilever Bridge