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Progress Report for 20th January 2009

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A Small Overlap

A Small Overlap!

Are we good, or what? The last 19 roadbed sections for Phase IV-A, the Beyond the Briars Route, were measured and cut as a group. Since our usual practice has been to cut a few, install a few and then readjust individual roabed sections from there, it was a big question as to how much error there would be in installing so many pieces without those tests. Three centimeters of error in thirty feet -- we can handle that! And note that the alignment was almost exact, so we don't have any screwy track curves to contemplate later on.

Northern End of Beyond the Briars Route

The photo looks towards the Leather Oaks' Northeast corner. The pittisporem and wax myrtles have been pruned to allow human access along the railroad right of way. Several volunteered Nandinas add color to the drab winter landscape. The chief arborist suggests there may be some additional ground cover plants introduced to this suddenly exposed corner of Leather Oaks.

A careful observor of the photo at right will note the cut scrap of composite decking material at bottom right of the now completed roadbed.

Nandina Corner from the West
Nandina Corner from the South

Question Mark Curve on the Beyond the Briars Route

Bet this looks even neater with rails on it. The Chief Arborist assures us that he already has plantings in reserve to add horticultural interest to this corner.

The linked photo provides a final, non-railed view of the Beyond the Briars route's Southern portion.

Phase IV-B Clearing Hiatus?

Hey Guys, what gives? We thought you'd have a path cut for the Sago Palm and Horse Loop, at least up to the Cantilever Bridge! Not another Chief Arborist delay, assuredly!

Oh alright. We'll get those plans out to you first thing tomorrow!

Phase IV-B Clearing Hiatus?