The Rubber & Rawhide Railroad

Progress Report for 15 December 2008

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This Page Created on December 16th, 2008
Phase III-B Progress

Phase III-B Progress!

As can be seen, progress continues apace on the Lot Perimeter Mainline. While the work crew seems to be taking a break, their toolbox gives evidence that even more work is expected today. As the mainline is pushed as far West as possible until our next shipment of switches arrives, I wonder what they have in mind?

The Sago Loop gets track !

Well, I'll be a rubberman track installer! It appears that rail have been laid on the Sago Palm Loop. I wonder how far they were able to get.

The Sago Loop gets track!
Sago Palm and Horse

Sago Palm and Horse

Even though a roadbed shortage has curtailed work in this area, trust Horse's connections to get every inch of rail he can! Maybe this weekend we'll replenish our roadbed stock. Weather permitting, of course!

Midnight Requisitioning?

We have been expecting a new shipment of track switches, and there had been rumors about a bridge to cross the Rubber Creek headwaters. But evening came with no deliveries. Then seven o'clock, then eight. Finally, the huge mass of a brown UPS truck blocked the light from my neighbor's Christmas lights, and the driver came down the sidewalk lugging two huge boxes. Well, one was huge and the other appeared large enough to hold eight switches.

Our shipping and receiving department immediately began opening the bigger box, spilling plastic popcorn everywhere, and finally liberated a four foot long cantilever bridge! Finally, with all packing materials disposed of, a railroader still life was created on the front porch. Well, I guess that means there will be work for tomorrow!

Midnight Requisitioning?