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Climbing the Serpentine, Part Two

Climbing the Serpentine, Part Two

Two more loops, and we're getting back in a more aquatic setting. This must be the Schematic Stream folks have talked about so much! I bet the train is pulling through Serpentine loop four about now.

One last view of the Leather Oaks Pond!

We got this one last photo from our helicopter crew, as they were able to get close enough to show almost the whole of the Leather Oaks Pond. That disused roadbed just over Adrian's shoulder has now been outfitted as the Rubber and Rawhide's "Steam Up" Track.
One last view of the Leather Oaks Pond!
The Top of the Serpentine!

Climbing the Serpentine, Part Three

Oh good, that little wooden bridge says we've just passed the final switchback on the Serpentine, so the Diver's Deep new site must be right ahead.

The Diver's Loop but No Train!

Drat! We were so intrigued watching the trains climb the Serpentine, we missed their arrival at the Diver's Loop. No matter, they'll be back!

The Diver's Loop is an important junction between the North and South Gardens at Leather Oaks. That track joining the loop by the wooden bridge connects all service on the old Porch Loop with the House Perimeter Route. If we walk back that way, we should be able to flag a train heading around the house.

Diver's Loop from above
The Magic Portal by Train

The Magic Portal by Train

Some things about the Rubber and Rawhide are just plain wrong. We know there are some situations that demand trains run a certain way, but going backwards through the Magic Portal?! Well, at least we're almost home!

Greeting Julio on his level!

You have to stand tall around Julio, but it's worth it. It's only been about fourteen months since he first watched over the Rubber and Rawhide as a small oval of track. Today, it's a scale empire with over 1600 feet of track installed, and two main routes that together run 1061 feet. Hey, that's almost seven scale miles! I wonder how long it would take for Julio to walk it?
Greeting Julio on his level
IMG_8841a (85K)

Listening to Julio's Lament

Well, yes, it would hurt, wouldn't it? And all that clanking and creaking, I don't think the frogs would like it at all. And if you stepped on a turtle. . . . Yes, Julio, I guess you'd best stay right where you are.

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